What are glasses and contact lenses?

Glasses and contact lenses are two types of corrective devices that improve the clarity of your vision. Blurry vision can be a significant hurdle in everyday life and affect your ability to drive, read, or work. Glasses and contact lenses help you see the details more clearly.

There are specific differences between glasses and contact lenses:


The team at Elite Eye Care helps you choose frames for your new glasses that match your personal style. The lenses should rest comfortably on your ears and nose, suit your needs, and correct an array of vision problems.

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a more discrete type of vision correction. You place the small, clear lenses directly in your eyes. They move with your eyes and are unlikely to fall out. There are a few types, including daily, extended-wear, rigid gas permeable, and soft planned replacement lenses, which Dr. Yakubov and the team can help you compare.

What do glasses and contact lenses treat?

Both glasses and contact lenses can treat several refractive errors and types of unclear vision. You can benefit from glasses or contact lenses if you have:


Astigmatism causes blurry vision both far away and up close. It’s the result of an abnormal eye curvature.


Hyperopia is farsightedness, which means you can see objects at a distance, but they aren’t as clear up close.


Myopia is nearsightedness, meaning you can see objects clearly up close, but they appear blurrier when they’re far away.


Presbyopia causes your close-up eyesight to get blurrier as you get older. It typically appears sometime in your mid-40s.

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How do I get a prescription for glasses or contact lenses?

Getting a prescription for glasses or contact lenses is as easy as scheduling an exam and vision test at Elite Eye Care. During your visit, Dr. Yakubov and the team evaluate the clarity of your vision and the health of your eyes. You should mention your concerns and any family history of eye conditions before the exam.

After the exam, Dr. Yakubov and the team discuss the results with you and can tell you about their findings. They also help you compare glasses with the different types of contact lenses so you can choose how you want to improve your vision.

Find out more about glasses and contact lenses by scheduling your next eye exam over the phone or online at Elite Eye Care today.

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